How to look like the hottest guy she’s ever met (without working out or $$$!)

Clue: It has nothing to do with the car.

No, you do not need to have muscles the size of Jupiter. And no, you don’t need to have a fancy shmancy sports car, a high profile job or lots of $$$ to get her attention. 
You could be a shady milk dealer living in your parent’s shed and still get her undivided attention by applying this one rule:


Presentation is KEY when comes to creating attraction between men and women. Just like you are attracted to women who put effort into their appearances, women are most attracted to men who dress well and smell good. 

Women decide if they are sexually attracted to a man just by looking at what he is WEARING.  So guys, if you want to attract, then listen up:

How to dress well in 5 simple steps:

To help you out, I’ve broken it down to 5 easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy steps for you so that you can start getting better luck with women today. 


Did you know that most women wear the wrong bra size, and most men actually wear the wrong clothing size?! And just like the correct bra size can make any woman’s breasts look AMAZING, the right fit of trousers and shirt can make you look EQUALLY AMAZING!

SUIT: Bad fit (left) vs good fit (right)
(Image from buzzfeed)

Your trousers/chinos/jeans should never require a belt in order to stay up, and shouldn’t be bulging. SO MANY men make the mistake of wearing oversized trousers, which makes them either look like a wannabe 90’s gangster or a guy with absolutely no game... a real turn off for most women!
The same applies to your jackets/blazers: You should be able to button the top button and move around, but your jacket or blazer should not be baggy or flapping around like a cape. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not superman. For a guide on the correct fit for you click here.

Image from The Mitchelli

Baggy shirts are the worst. A baggy shirt or t-shirt can make a grown man look like an awkward 15 year old boy who is trying to navigate puberty. Don’t be that guy! Your shirt should never bulge or be too baggy around the waist. At the same time, it shouldn’t feel so tight that the buttons are popping. Many guys think that a baggy shirt will make them look buff or hide the beer gut, but actually it has the opposite effect. A well-fitted shirt will make you look more toned and attractive!
For the perfect dress shirt fit, click here.
For the perfect T-shirt fit, click here. 


While some celebrities and stylists manage to get away with bending some fashion rules, most men can’t. I’ve met many men who think they look great, but women think they look like ‘disasters’. 
So don’t assume that you’re the exception that can get away with an outrageous or random outfit, because the only thing getting away will be the ladies you’re interested in. 

Color & Pattern Rule #1: Never dress head to toe in the same color or pattern.

Head to toe in any one color will make you look like you’re wearing pajamas or a prison uniform. Just because your trousers and shirt are the same color or similar pattern doesn’t necessarily mean that they match or look good together. You need to break it up by wearing a different color shirt to your trousers or jacket. 

Someone told Wade that “Orange Is The New Black”, and he took it a little bit too literally. 

Color & Pattern Rule #2: Neutrals are your best friend

You can mix and match neutrals as much as you like and you won’t look weird. For example, you could wear fitted navy blue trousers with brown shoes, a brown belt, a white shirt, and a grey jacket and your outfit would still work.

NEUTRAL COLORS: Black, white, brown, beige, grey, camel, taupe, navy blue, denim

neutral outfits always look good

Color & pattern Rule #3: You should only have 1 dominant piece per outfit. 

While the bulk of your outfit should be neutral items, you can add one item of color or pattern. This is called the dominant piece. As a rule, you should only have one dominant piece; whether it’s a bright shirt or tie, or a patterned jacket. This means only one colored or pattern item. Don’t mix and match patterns or colors. 
So for example, if you had to wear the outfit mentioned above (fitted navy blue trousers with brown shoes, brown belt, a white shirt, and a grey jacket) you could easily ad a red tie for a pop of color, or switch the grey jacket for a jacket in a bold color or print.


You could be the most physically attractive specimen on the planet, but if you go out wearing crocks, socks, and shorts you would be friend-zoned in an instant. 
Shoes are often the first thing a woman will notice about you when she meets you. So if you’re wearing any of the following, throw them out NOW because they are acting as your current chastity belt:

As a general rule, avoid shoes that have/are:

  1. Pointy or square-toed
  2. Velcro
  3. Most slip-ons (unless it’s summer and you’re wearing flip flops or Toms with shorts)
  4. Hiking boots (unless you’re hiking)
  5. Runners (unless you’re running or working out)
  6. Anything with tassels, buckles or very bright colors

(everything you see to the right should be avoided at all costs)

Good shoes:


If you’re going to grow facial hair, keep it groomed. If you don’t groom it, your face could start to look like it’s growing pubes. No one wants that… no one!

There are so many products available to help maintain your manly facial hair, and there are so many tutorials available online… just put in 1 minute of effort every day to keep your face looking good. After all, your face is the most special and visible part of you, so make it count!

Like your facial hair, if your hair is left ungroomed, it can take away from your handsome face. 
 Ask your hairdresser, or do your research online for a style that will suit your hair type and face shape. You don’t have to go for a haircut that is high maintenance, just keep it looking neat.


The final and most important part of achieving attraction with women… your style. 

Despite what many people think, the way you dress actually communicates more about you than you know. You might not get the chance to talk to every woman you see, but every woman who sees you will make an assumption on what type of a guy you are and if she is interested in getting to know you purely based on your style.

You could literally get everything else in the article correct by wearing fitted clothes, neat hair, good shoes, etc… but if you are wearing a mis-match of styles, then you will unknowingly communicate to women that you don’t know who you are. 

Figuring out what your style is is like figuring out which cover you want to put on your book… you want to choose something that accurately depicts what is on the inside through the cover image. By choosing your own style, you will achieve two things: 1) you will communicate confidence, and 2) you will attract women who will really like you for who you are on the inside as well as on the outside. 

So… What’s your style? 

The easiest way to figure out your style and execute it well is to find a celebrity who wears a style that you like and model the outfits that they are wearing until you start to get a feel for what works together. One thing to take note of though is that not all celebrities dress well. So I’ve put together a list of celebrities who dress well, indicating each of their different types of styles. Browse through at your leisure: 

STYLE #1: David Beckham: Classic with a sporty twist
Works on: Everyone
Why this is a good look: It’s hard to stuff this look up. Plus, David Beckham is universally acknowledged by women as one of the best style icons.

Get the look:
-fitted dark jeans (casual), fitted suit trousers (formal)
-plain white, black or grey t-shirt (casual), plain white dress shirt (formal)
-plain white sneakers (casual), black dress shoes (formal)
– fitted black leather jacket (casual), fitted blazer or suit jacket to match trousers (formal)

Style #2: Ryan Gosling: Classic with a quirky twist 
Works on: Anyone who likes to have a little more flair than plain vanilla, and anyone who wants to be comfy-casual. 
Why this is a good look: Whether you are the disheveled, broke poet, or the high flying quirky businessman, you can make this look work with a bit of effort. 

Get the look:
-Fitted grey jeans (casual) or fitted dark chinos (formal)
-fitted plain t-shirt (casual), or fitted striped dress shirt (formal)
-brown leather ankle boots (casual), brown leather dress shoes with a brown leather belt (formal)
-plain bomber or casual jacket with a zip hoodie (casual), fitted suit jacket in same or complimentary neutral color and fabric as chinos (formal)

Style #3: Kanye West: Comfy-Casual, Classic Formal
Works on: Anyone who makes comfort their main priority.
Why this look works: It’s comfort with style, and Kanye knows how to dress well for formal events. However, he can have some ‘miss’ items like his more eccentric fur coats and bleached hair. Stick to his more ‘normal’ looks, and avoid the eccentric over-the-top looks. 

Get the look: 
-fitted jeans in black or faded grey or stone-washed blue (casual), fitted suit trousers or chinos (formal)
-Plain white t-shirt (casual), plain white dress shirt (formal)
-Ankle-high camel boots or black Adidas/Nike lifestyle sneakers -not runners (casual), plain black dress shoes (casual)
– Plain hoodie or sweatshirt (casual), matching suit jacket, or jacket with print (formal)

Style #4: Clemens Rehbein/ Milky Chance: Quirky casual

Works on: Younger men (under 35) who like to try something a little quirkier, but want to remain comfy and casual. 
Why this look works: Even despite his crazy hair, he still looks amazing. His look says bad-boy confidence crossed with boy-next-door. 

Get the look:
-fitted dark jeans or light chinos
-Grey hoodie or sweater
-Dark denim or leather jacket
-Fitted print or plain round-neck t-shirt
-Ankle-high, lace boots in plain brown, camel or black

While these are just a handful of styles, I can safely say that these four will look good on everyone, and should not be too difficult to pull off. If in doubt, start with a classic look (like David Beckham) and start to add your own flair once you have aced the classic look. 

Other notable celebrities with style:

  • Pharrell Williams.
  • Aziz Ansari. 
  • Eddie Redmayne.
  • Lain-Manual Miranda.
  • David Furnish.
  • Hu Bing.
  • Chris Hemsworth.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal.
  • Gary Oldman.
  • Charlie Siem. 
  • Adam Levine.
  • Ryan Renolds.
  • Johnny Depp.
  • Bradley Cooper.

Good luck!